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Ilya Orlov in English

ilyaorlovApr. 6th, 2009 12:50 am From Omsk

I've brought a lot of good impressions from Western Siberia, have got new friends, have seen new places. I liked Omsk, there live good, sociable and open people. I was very glad to get acquainted with you all! Thanks for the warm welcome and I hope to see you again!

And here are some tracks from the past concert:

1. Two cats (3.17 Mb)
2. Somewhere there (4.87 Mb)
3. Inspiration (2.41 Mb)
4. Black-tailed red doggy (3.86 Mb)
5. Sky (5.80 Mb)
6. Life (6.60 Mb)
7. Complicated (4.75 Mb)
8. The roses are so fragrant before the storm (6.53 Mb)
9. What for? (1.21 Mb)

You can also download zip file or listen to these tracks online.

Thanks to Pavel Slatin for recording of the concert.

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