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Autumn, autumn!

Hi, friends!

The arrival of the Autumn, as every change of seasons, makes me happy with global movement and development (and with the Autumn' colors as well). How many gifts Nature gives us in Autumn! It's great that we live!

In this regard, I would like to share with you some news and creative plans :)

First, soon to be finished the article about recording and mixing the album, with many examples from BER-LINN album released this Spring. The article will be posted on the internet, and I'll write about it in LJ.

Second, for those involved in web development, it may be interesting to see the content management system that I designed for my sites. I hope that after some time it's public version will be ready.

Third, this Saturday (September 17) you can "cheer" me and others at the Tournament of Knights of Guitar and Pen. Bard clubs compete in this tournament, and the audience (several randomly chosen people) selects the winners. Competitions are held in St. Petersburg at Moscosky avenue, 152, beginning at 16.00. Entrance is free! More information can be found here: http://www.spboovostok.ru/turnir/ (in Russian)

I wish us all inner happiness!

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