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Upcoming concerts

Hi, friends!

I invite you to the upcoming concerts:

January 5 in St. Petersburg, club "Dusche". Ilya Orlov, Shuriksandr Davydov and Vyacheslav Novikov will perform for you a full band solo concert.

January 5, 2012 Ilya Orlov at the club Dusche, St.-Petersburg

How to find a club Dusche

January 7 in Moscow, we will play full band at "The Magic Fir tree" in Milk club. In this concert will also participate: Dmitry Spirin, Brigadniy Podryad, MaleFactors, Lampasy, 1.5 kg Otlichnogo Pure.

Dmitry Spirin, Brigadniy Podryad, MaleFactors, Lampasy, 1.5 kg Otlichnogo Pure, Ilya Orlov - January 7th, 2012 at the club Milk, Moscow

In addition to these concerts, in December that has already begun, me can be seen and heard at the next concerts in St. Petersburg:

December 3 - Moscosky Center of Culture and Recreation (Moscow avenue, 152), the final tournament of "Knights of the guitar and the pen", starting at 16:00, free entrance
December 10 - Moscosky Center of Culture and Recreation (Large Hall), the concert "Where the sun rises", singers-songwriters club "Vostok" marks the fiftieth anniversary, beginning at 15.00, free entrance
December 10 - Library of Kirovsky Islands (Kemskaya Street, 8 / 3), Music Night (starting at 19:00). First, classical music will be performed by professional musicians, then roughly at 20.40 I will start to play. Admission is free, come along!
December 17 - Library of Kirovsky Islands, Andrew and Natalia Pastushenko + friends. I am a friend, so I will sing a few songs at the beginning of the concert. I strongly advise you to listen to Andrew and Natasha! Starting at 19.00, free entrance.

Hopefully I'll meet some of you! See you there! :)

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