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In the wake of January - Ilya Orlov in English

ilyaorlovJan. 30th, 2012 08:05 pm In the wake of January

A selection of photos from the January concerts in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Olonets.

Authors: Justina Borisovayte, Darina Shustova, Oleg Tarakovsky, Alexey Belov, Alexandr Danilin, Alexey Fariev, Maxim Efendiyev.

A two-hours video from a "Dusche" concert (January 5, 2012), made by Dimitry Belyaev. Here is a short cut from this video.

Several videos from an appartment concert in Moscow (January 9, 2012), taken by Daria Mazur!

Thanks a lot and new strength to all creative people!


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