Upcoming concerts

Hi, friends!

I invite you to the upcoming concerts:

January 5 in St. Petersburg, club "Dusche". Ilya Orlov, Shuriksandr Davydov and Vyacheslav Novikov will perform for you a full band solo concert.

January 5, 2012 Ilya Orlov at the club Dusche, St.-Petersburg

How to find a club Dusche

January 7 in Moscow, we will play full band at "The Magic Fir tree" in Milk club. In this concert will also participate: Dmitry Spirin, Brigadniy Podryad, MaleFactors, Lampasy, 1.5 kg Otlichnogo Pure.

Dmitry Spirin, Brigadniy Podryad, MaleFactors, Lampasy, 1.5 kg Otlichnogo Pure, Ilya Orlov - January 7th, 2012 at the club Milk, Moscow

In addition to these concerts, in December that has already begun, me can be seen and heard at the next concerts in St. Petersburg:

December 3 - Moscosky Center of Culture and Recreation (Moscow avenue, 152), the final tournament of "Knights of the guitar and the pen", starting at 16:00, free entrance
December 10 - Moscosky Center of Culture and Recreation (Large Hall), the concert "Where the sun rises", singers-songwriters club "Vostok" marks the fiftieth anniversary, beginning at 15.00, free entrance
December 10 - Library of Kirovsky Islands (Kemskaya Street, 8 / 3), Music Night (starting at 19:00). First, classical music will be performed by professional musicians, then roughly at 20.40 I will start to play. Admission is free, come along!
December 17 - Library of Kirovsky Islands, Andrew and Natalia Pastushenko + friends. I am a friend, so I will sing a few songs at the beginning of the concert. I strongly advise you to listen to Andrew and Natasha! Starting at 19.00, free entrance.

Hopefully I'll meet some of you! See you there! :)


Port 812

Two days ago, in St. Petersburg club «Dusche» there was a concert dedicated to 12th anniversary of Port 812. This is St. Petersburg's pop-punk band, which appeared on stage earlier than BER-LINN. We often played together, were interested in success and listened to the songs of each other. At one of the first joint concerts in "Moloko" BER-LINN sang acover version of the song "She is 18 in May". So, Ports are our close 'colleagues' and friends on stage.

At the concert there also performed Dmitry Spirin from "Tarakany", Dmitry Kezhvatov (ex-guitarist of "Tarakany" and now "Spitfire"), Alexey Soloviev (ex-bassist of "Tarakany", «Three-15»), Dmitry Ganja (1.5kg Otlichnogo Pure) and me!

I did acoustic versions of Port 812 songs "She is 18 in May" and "When I'm gone".

It was very interesting to visit a punk concert again and to feel the atmosphere, to see familiar and unfamiliar faces. Thank you all for everything!


Dear citizens and guests of St. Petersburg! This Saturday (October 29) all who love Ilya Orlov's work and each other, meet at 16.00 at the Pionerskaya subway station (outside) and go for a walk and talk to Udelniy park (park Chelyuskintsev). More information about the meeting can be found here:

I also plan to join the meeting as I get free! Hopefully, I will not be alone :)

Shurik Davydov on a tree in the Udelniy park, 2010

Dress warmly, see you!


Recording the album

Dear friends!

I present you a new site dedicated to recording, mixing and mastering rock album. The site has many audio and video examples from BER-LINN album "Children of the Spring". I think that it will be interesting for everyone who enjoys music, sound recording and our band's work :)

Site URL: (in Russian)

Specially for the site some video tutorials on mixing drums and bass-guitar were made (in Russian).

I wish you good new discoveries, inspirations and goals!


P.S. You can leave suggestions, comments and questions about the site in the comments on this post.

Autumn, autumn!

Hi, friends!

The arrival of the Autumn, as every change of seasons, makes me happy with global movement and development (and with the Autumn' colors as well). How many gifts Nature gives us in Autumn! It's great that we live!

In this regard, I would like to share with you some news and creative plans :)

First, soon to be finished the article about recording and mixing the album, with many examples from BER-LINN album released this Spring. The article will be posted on the internet, and I'll write about it in LJ.

Second, for those involved in web development, it may be interesting to see the content management system that I designed for my sites. I hope that after some time it's public version will be ready.

Third, this Saturday (September 17) you can "cheer" me and others at the Tournament of Knights of Guitar and Pen. Bard clubs compete in this tournament, and the audience (several randomly chosen people) selects the winners. Competitions are held in St. Petersburg at Moscosky avenue, 152, beginning at 16.00. Entrance is free! More information can be found here: (in Russian)

I wish us all inner happiness!