In mid-June I had the good fortune to participate in an impromptu Venetian masked ball at the Kirovsky Islands Library. There were also such characters as Casanova - women's hearts thief, mysterious Count Cagliostro, attentive and funny Isabella and Columbine and our good friend gondolier with a paddle :)

Specifically for the costume I made harlequin sneakers :)

Wish you all success in work and a good summer! See you!

Summer has come!

Hi, friends!

In a few days I will go to Moscow for personal reasons, and on Sunday (June 5) I'll be free, so I invite everyone to meet and go for a walk together to Sokolniki Park. Let's meet at 14.00 near the park entrance. I suggest everyone bring their favorite poems and read them to each other!

See you there!


Thank you


Ребята, спасибо вам всем большое!

Очень здорово было встретится, пообщаться, выступить для вас. Мы с Шуриком ощутили, какая энергия хлынула на нас из зала в конце концерта, и надеюсь, что вы тоже её почувствовали и унесли с собой. Пусть она помогает вам радостнее и легче делать дела и принимать решения.

Спасибо Лене и Диме, которые тоже выходили на сцену и пели для нас. Всем желаю больших успехов в учёбе и творчестве!


метки: внутри и вокруг

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Friends, thank you all very much!

It's great that we met, communicated and it was great to perform for you. Together with Shurik we've felt what energy flowed to us from the audience at the end of the concert, and I hope you've felt it too and have taken some of it with you. Let it help you do business and make decisions happier and easier.

Thanks to Lena and Dima, who also appeared on stage and sang for us. I wish you all success in work and study!


Meeting in Moscow

Dear Muscovites and visitors!

This Saturday (April 23) we invite everyone to meet and a go for a walk to the Park of Arts (near Oktyabrskaya subway station). Let's meet at 14:30 at the Park entrance. More information can be found on See the photo of the venue.

We'll be happy to go for a walk and talk! At about 17:30 me, Shurik and Slava have to go to soundcheck to HLEB club, and those of you who are going to visit a concert, can go there after 19.00! The concert is scheduled for 20:00.

Wish you all health, energy and good mood! :) See you!